finished live productions

The production series net:art | near in the distance was launched in 2013 by the Austrian NREN ACOnet. The title underlines our focus to transform the physical absence of artists/spaces into physical presence by use of different audiovisual low latency technologies.

The documentations of the three productions realized so far offer a transparent and comprehensive insight behind the scenes:

2017: near in the distance 3

© Peter Schober

1 June, 2017 | Main venue: Linz, Austria

net:art productions are work in progress. Building on experiences from earlier projects, new goals come into view. This time, the challenge is not only to connect a number of venues around the world in real time via high performance networks, but also to combine two different low latency transmission technologies (LOLA, UltraGrid) in a single performance for the first time.  read more

2015: near in the distance 2

© Gerard Spee

25 June, 2015 | Main venue: Vienna, Austria

In 2015, the net:art performance "near in the distance 2" is realized, based on the project from 2013. The goal of this 70 minutes performance is to involve musicians and dancers from as many different locations as possible. The challenge is to find cooperation partners at all the premises where the artists are located. More than 120 persons take part in this international project.  read more

2013: near in the distance

© Hermann Rothe

13 March, 2013 | Main venue: Vienna, Austria

For the first time in the history of the "Network Performing Arts Production Workshop" a performance in two full-length parts takes place. Two different transmission technologies are used to realize this event: LOLA for the concert and UltraGrid for the dance performance.   read more

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