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We are honored to realize the project series "aaron's law" with exceptional, inspiring project partners to discover together the many sides of Aaron Swartz's developments and beliefs. Stay tuned! The program is in progress and will be updated continuously.

A brief presentation of the institutions involved can be found on our Partners page.

January 2023

When the Net was still Young: And what about the Future?

  • Special Exhibition & Symposium
  • 26 January 2023  |  19:00 CET and 27 January 2023  |  10:00-19:00 CET
  • Venue: Stadtmuseum St. Poelten (Prandtauerstrasse 2, 3100 St. Poelten, Austria)

In the early 1990s and following forerunners such as Mailart, a new communicative space - the www - inspired artists to develop utopias for art taking place on the web. The thorough commercialisation of this once fully unoccupied space has pushed the early utopias to the background. Let’s bring them out again and catapult them into the 3rd millennium. Let’s recall the initial utopias, analyse the status quo and spin on!

The event is part of the DigiDic Exhibition and will be held in German.

Project Partner:

Open Call for Artists in Residence

The netart & digital culture initiative "" in Graz/Austria offers a couple of virtual and one on-site Artist in Residence (2 months). This year's special focus is on digital artists / designers / programmers / hackers / activists / you-name-it who advocate for net neutrality, create and work with online archives and/or open licensing models.

Project Partner:

February 2023

Future Lab 2023: Opening

In its second Future Lab, the Viennese puppet theatre "Schubert Theater" will be looking at the future of theatre. At the opening event, our project series "aaron's law" will be presented, followed by a discussion on "Art & Culture as a Human Right & Common Good in the Digital Age". Afterwards, you are invited to a specially developed museum space of Schubert Theater's Virtual Puppet Museum, where you can experience the production "Insight:Aaron" by media artist Ilkhan Erdogan and puppet designer Annemarie Arzberger. Don't miss this exciting exploration of the person and work of Aaron Swartz! At the vernissage, you can try out a tour with VR glasses live on site or join in online.

The event will be held in German and streamed live on the Schubert Theater's YouTube channel.

Project Partner:

March 2023

Special Package for Schools: Performance | Film | Discussion

kollektiv kunststoff describes their production (aimed at children and teenagers, age 11+): "Welcome to the data net! Take your controller in your own hands and travel with us into a world between visibility and invisibility, reality and fiction, fact and fake." In addition to this performance, we will discuss the life and work of Aaron with our young audience (age 13+) on the basis of the film "The Internet's Own Boy".

Project Partner:

June to August 2023

A Walk for the Figure III: Ahead of the Times

  • Outdoor Station Theater
  • Every weekend in June 2023  |  Saturdays at 16:00 CEST  |  Sundays at 11:00 and 15:00 CEST
  • Meeting point: Schubert Theater (Waehringer Strasse 46, 1090 Vienna, Austria)

In its third "Walk for the Figure", the Schubert Theater takes on visionaries, pioneers and dreamers. We will meet entrepreneur Anna Demel, Austrian-American film actress Hedy Lamarr, inventor and mystic Nikola Tesla, programmer and hacktivist Aaron Swartz, and sci-fi writer Philip K. Dick. In cooperation with the Artificial Museum, one station will be shown as Augmented Reality (AR) - so don't forget your smartphone or tablet with internet access.

The events will be held in German. If it rains, the respective date will be postponed.
Please register in advance, as a walk can only take place if there are enough participants.

Project Partner:

Worklab 2023's worklabs create a temporary space in which artists (= specialists in the field of technology, design, art, etc.) and external guests can discuss topics from the field of digital technology, art and its social implications. People from different fields and with different backgrounds meet and work together on ideas and designs that will become the starting point for future projects, publications and productions of the current and coming years.

All presentations and workshops are in English and will be held offline or sometimes in a hybrid form. To participate and receive more information please sign up for all workshops at worklab (at)

Project Partner:


  • Exhibition & Performance
  • 24 June - 13 August 2023  |  Saturdays & Sundays, 14:00 - 18:00 CEST
  • Venue: Schloss Wolkersdorf  |  Galerie 2  (Schlossplatz 2, 2120 Wolkersdorf, Austria)

An exhibition with representatives of the Austrian net and media art scene who developed projects during Aaron Swartz's lifetime. What paths they have taken, what they think and create today. In dialogue with programmers and net activists of the present. As a tribute to Aaron Swartz and his questions and suggestions that are still relevant today.
Curators: alien productions
Artists: Ursula Hentschlaeger, Zelko Wiener (1953‐2006), Norbert Math, and others

Project Partner: