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The following network partners ensured flawless data transmission during the interactive multi-site performance "net:art | near in the distance 2". Thanks to all of them! They not only guaranteed a perfect network connection of the venues, but also a relaxed journey of the signals.

Vienna, Austria


ACOnet is the Austrian National Research and Education Network (NREN) and is operated by the University of Vienna. ACOnet offers its members advanced high-performance network access to the pan-European Research and Education Community (GÉANT) and the public Internet.

ACOnet provides a resilient fibre optic backbone network infrastructure, connecting about 200 Austrian organizations such as universities, research facilities, universities of applied sciences, libraries, museums, medical institutions, ministries and local authorities.


The mdw - University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna is among the world's largest and most renowned universities specialised in the performing arts of music, theatre and film.

Barcelona, Spain


Consorci de Serveis Universitaris de Catalunya (CSUC) supports cooperation and resource sharing to make the university and research system more efficient. The consortium is integrated by Generalitat de Catalunya (Catalan Government) and ten Catalan universities.

CSUC manages the Catalan research and education network, Anella Científica, which connects up to 85 institutions. It offers high-speed connections with IPv4 and IPv6, dedicated circuits and advanced services.

Prague, Czech Republic


The CESNET Association was founded by Czech universities and the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic in 1996. It is engaged in research and development in information and communication technologies and builds and develops the CESNET national e-infrastructure for research and education (NREN of Czech Republic).

One of the research areas are high quality and low latency audio&video transmissions. CESNET developed software and hardware solutions to support i.e cultural, medical and cinematography events and workflows. The software solution UltraGrid is used to deliver audiovisual content during the net:art performance.

Ljubljana, Slovenia


The Academic and Research Network of Slovenia (ARNES) is a public institute that provides network services to research, educational and cultural organizations, and enables them to establish connections and cooperation with each other and with related organizations abroad.

ARNES builds, maintains and manages infrastructure linking universities, institutes, research laboratories, museums, schools, databases and digital libraries.

It offers users the same services as national academic networks in other countries; it cooperates with these networks in European Commission projects to test, develop and introduce new Internet protocols and services. It also provides services that are not offered by commercial organizations but which are essential to the operation of the Internet in Slovenia.

Judenburg, Austria


The Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics (IEM) at the University of Music and Dramatic Art Graz was an early adopter of Streaming Art events and connecting concert places all over Europe within the EU research project COMEDIA. IEM manages and runs the streaming and recording technologies with mobile streaming equipment and operator.


GÉANT is the pan-European research and education network that interconnects Europe’s National Research and Education Networks (NRENs). The GÉANT backbone connects over 50 million users at 10,000 institutions across Europe. Operating at speeds of up to 500 Gbps, and offering unrivalled geographical coverage, GÉANT remains the most advanced research network in the world.
While performing net:art | near in the distance 2, artists from all over Europe were connected via GÉANT.