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Our intention is to connect people who operate in the field of interactive net-based art in order to shape production environments together. Perhaps you have the same thoughts and questions as we do?

Interactive net-based art production is fascinating, but quite tricky. Outstanding communication skills of humans and special functionalities of machines are equally in demand. These days, we have the great opportunity to participate in an intensive artistic-technical evolutionary process - as producers and as audiences.

From a technical point of view, one could argue that network infrastructures and transmission technologies are up and running to send signals, packed with artistic content, from A to B.

Yes and no. We are still in the process of negotiating network infrastructures and access to the Internet, and developing practical solutions for sharing resources.
How do we connect the dots to make the most of the enormous potential of net-based art?

We all are inspired by the desire to communicate and experience constructive sender-receiver relationships. Whether we are talking, dancing or making music with (or for) someone. And it goes wrong often enough. Even if the sender and receiver are in the same room and do not need technical support - such as electronic signals that transport the audio-visual content we create so we can reach our audience. When it works, it's inspiring and liberating.

Many new ways of artistic expressions are waiting to be explored. But there is only one way to do so and overcome borders: together.