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In this great show at the Brucknerhaus Linz, another magical collaboration unfolded. A group of artists we have been working with for several years were joined by other media artists. Together they took another step into the future of multi-site performances.

Linz, Austria


Tosca, the duo formed in 1994 by Rupert Huber and Richard Dorfmeister, has released 8 CDs and 8 remix albums over the last 20 years, with total sales over half a million. The musical concept of "net:art | near in the distance 3" is based on parts of Tosca's latest album Going Going Going (released in February 2017).

Tosca has performed in live shows in the USA, South America and Europe, including such prominent festivals as Coachella (Palm Springs, USA) and the Ars Electronica Festival (Linz, Austria). In 2001, Tosca was honored with Austria's Amadeus Music Award as best Pop/Rock group.

Rupert Huber

Musical Director, Composition, Piano / Live Electronics  |  Linz

He integrates space and the electronic and/or psychological projection of musical or tonal content into his compositions. Such dimensional music that Rupert Huber has developed as a musical format is the basis of all his work. Compositions of this format has been commissioned by, among others, Wiener Festwochen (Private Exile, 2004), Centre Pompidou (Sonic Process, 2002) and Ars Electronica (Radiotopia, 2002). Rupert Huber has not only implemented his ideas artistically; he has also applied them to music composed for film (Food Design, Berggasse 19), TV (C.S.I. Miami, Sex and the City) and radio (signations for the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation - ORF).

Richard Dorfmeister

Live Electronics / Keyboards  |  Linz

In the world of electronic music, Richard Dorfmeister has left countless traces. Since the mid 1990s, the Vienna born artist, flute player, producer and DJ has released classic tracks and remixes with his co-partner Peter Kruder as Kruder and Dorfmeister. Records by Kruder and Dorfmeister such as the "G-Stoned EP" (on their own G-Stone Label, 1994), as well as the seminal "DJ Kicks" mix-compilation for !K7 (1996), and the "K & D Sessions" remix compilation (1998) are considered timeless masterpieces. Both "DJ Kicks" and the "K & D Sessions" have been bestsellers with each having sold more than one million copies. On the musical side, the magic Kruder and Dorfmeister sound has not faded since.

Dominik Grünbühel

Performance, Choreography  |  Linz

Born in New York in 1978, Dominik Grünbühel studied Contemporary Dance in Vienna and at the London Contemporary Dance School - The Place. He has been working as a freelance dancer and performer in Vienna since 2001. Since 2016 he holds an M.A. in Digital Arts from the University of Applied Arts Vienna.

During the past years he has been concentrating on his own works in the fields of choreography, video and projection. Cooperations with Luke Baio, Charlotta Ruth, Michael Bruckner, Bankett, Kònic thtr (Barcelona), Rupert Huber, Judith Unterpertinger & Katherina Weinhuber, Liz Art, Yosi Wanunu, and many more.

With his solo show "I am the Mockingbird" (TQW 2009) Dominik toured Estonia, Hungary and Sweden. Additionally, he is the bassist, MC and founding member (1999) of the band Nifty's. The band received the Austrian World Music Award (2006) and was named Ö1 Artist of the Year (Vienna, 2007). Releases: "Takeshi Express" (Extraplatte 2007), "Naftularasa" (cracked anegg records 2009), "3" (Listen Closely 2015).

Resa Lut

Visual Concept and Design, Live Video Composition  |  Linz

  • Video Artist, born 1983 in Vienna, still living there
  • Founder of subsatellit, hand mit auge, Luzy Dreams, Leuchtkraft, Lux : Faktor
  • and mother of 3 daughters

Primarily coming from visual arts, her way went to multimedia. Resa Lut's portfolio includes audio-visual installations, stage concepts and direction, illuminated objects, live visual performances, video production, video support for business events and conceptual work. This wide range of skills, her feeling for creating different moods and also the detail-loving way she does her work are the reasons for a long list of references. Her projects where displayed at many exhibitions, festivals, and other events.


Vocals  |  Linz

Miriam Böhmdorfer - Martha Matscheko - Anna Maria Nunzer - Nicole Lubinger - Domen Fajfar - Miroslav Mehandzhiev
(voice students at Anton Bruckner Private University)

Barcelona, Spain

Kònic thtr

Rosa Sánchez - Choreography, Stage Direction  |  Barcelona
Multidisciplinary and Multimedia Artist, Performer & Choreographer, Artistic Director and Co-founder of Kònic thtr

Alain Baumann - Live Visual Composition, Technical Direction  |  Barcelona
Musician, Multimedia Artist, in charge of the development of the interactive devices used by Kònic thtr

Kònic thtr is a Barcelona based artistic platform focusing on contemporary creation at the border between art and new technologies. Its main center of activity is the application of interactive technology to artistic projects. Kònic thtr is internationally renowned for the use and incorporation of interactive technology in creative projects. Their work has been shown in Spain, Europe, America, Asia and Africa. Through the research processes undertaken by Kònic thtr since the early 1990s, the company has developed a unique and personal language in this field of contemporary creation.

Kòniclab is the frame for the development of research lines and artistic experimentation linked with technologies that will be applied to interactive stage and audiovisual installations projects. Since 2009, Kònic has been actively developing networked performances, involving high definition Internet, dancers and musicians across the globe (e-pormundos afeto 2009, EVD58 2013, APAN 2014).

Rosa Sánchez & Alain Baumann are leading the conceptual, creative and technological developments in Kònic (thtr & lab). Both have an extensive knowledge and experience of working with new technologies applied to performance, dance, installation and theatre.

Anna Hierro

Dance  |  Barcelona

Anna Hierro (Spain 1984), graduated in Contemporary Dance at the Theatre Institute in Barcelona. She has worked as a dancer for the following companies: Cia Plan B Danza (Arantxa Sagardoy), Gelabert Azzopardi, Contemporary Ballet of Barcelona, Cross Connection Ballet, Eulàlia Bergadà and the La Veronal company, with which she still collaborates. She has also worked as an interpreter and movement assistant with theatre directors Àlex Rigola, Nao Albet & Marcel Borràs and with visual artist Oscar Sol (Electronic Performers). Since 2013, she co-directs the sound/movement duet Ensemble Topogràfic who have published two records and presented three shows.

Prague, Czech Republic

Hannes Strobl

E-Bass, E-Upright Bass  |  Prague

  • Bassplayer, Composer, Sound Artist
  • lives in Berlin

Important starting point for his music is the soundbased potential on the electric bass. By combining advanced playing technics with live electronics, the purely instrumental-specific repertoire of expression is expanded. He works in various audio and audiovisual fields, like electronica, sound art installation and music for video works and performances. In the last years, an important focus on the instrument and the compositional activity are musical forms in connection with our urban sound environment.

In 2008, Hannes Strobl formed the band Denseland together with David Moss and Hanno Leichtmann - Klangspuren Festival 2016 (AT), Mikromusik 2016 Berlin (DE), Ruhrtriennale 2012 (DE), SONAR Festival 2010 Barcelona (SP).
With Sam Auinger he is the founder of the project tamtam - Ars Electronica Festival 2016 (AT), Kunstfestspiele Hannover 2016 (DE), EXPO Mailand 2015 (IT), Sonambiente Berlin 2006 (DE).
In 2011, Hannes Strobl formed the project P.O.P. (Psychology of Perception) with Reinhold Friedl (Zeitkratzer) - GAS Festival Göteborg 2014 (SWE), Klangspuren Festival 2015 (AT).
Collaborations with Sam Auinger, Tony Buck, Reinhold Friedl, Rupert Huber, Chris Kondek, Hanno Leichtmann, Michael Moser, David Moss, Toshimaru Nakamura, Sainkho Namtchylak, Dietmar Offenhuber, Bruce Odland, Reynold Reynolds and many others.

Rome, Italy

Anna Clementi

Voice, Sounds  |  Rome

The Swedish-Italian performer Anna Clementi grew up in Rome where she studied flute, acting and singing. Then she moved to Berlin where she met Dieter Schnebel and started to study with him at the Universität der Künste. From that moment on, she became a member of the group "Die Maulwerker". That's when she started committing herself to the research of ways to combine song, word, gesture, and theatre. Her musical repertoire moves between electro-acoustic music, contemporary song, cabaret chanson, club music, Sprechgesang and jazz.

She performed many world premieres, among them works by Aldo Clementi, Laura Bianchini, Helmut Oehring, Dieter Schnebel, Emanuele Casale, Giovanni Damiani, Rupert Huber, Roberto Paci Dalò, Iris ter Schiphorst, Laurie Schwartz, Daniel Ott, Nicola Sani and many more. Anna Clementi appears on Tosca's  "Dehli 9" and "Suzuki".

She has published two solo-albums: "Love is a Reason" and "Fräulein Annie". In 2015 her interpretation of "Pierrot Lunaire" was published. Soon her "Alles in Schwitterland", a musical version of poems by Kurt Schwitters, will be released.

Cuore di Vetro is the name of her duo with Rupert Huber. She is part of the trio Intermission 3 with Christian Kesten and Daniel Ott. Since 2014 she is member of the vocal ensemble Voxnova Italia.

Luca Venitucci

Accordion | Rome

Since the end of the '80s Luca Venitucci has been working as an instrumentalist, improvisor and composer, and has toured and recorded with many different projects as well as a soloist. His interests in different art forms led him to collaborate repeatedly with dancers, directors, poets and mixed media artists, and to research on the interaction between sound, visuals, performative action and words.

In 1995, with Fabrizio Spera, Elio Martusciello and Maurizio Martusciello he formed Ossatura, acknowledged as an innovating project within the italian electroacoustic improvised music scene. From 1997 to 2002 he was part of the Zeitkratzer ensemble (Artist in Residence 2000-2001 at Podewil in Berlin), for whom in 2001, together with Ulrich Krieger he transcribed and orchestrated an ensemble version of Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music, later performed by the Zeitkratzer ensemble with the composer at Maerzmusik Contemporary Music Festival in Berlin.

He has performed and recorded with a wide range of musicians including Mike Cooper, Peter Kowald, Otomo Yoshihide, Thomas Lehn, Axel Dorner, Burkhard Beins, Tim Hodgkinson, John Butcher, Jerome Noetinger, and with dancers such as Alessandra Cristiani. He took part to many projects by internationally acclaimed musicians, sound artists and composers including John Zorn, Alvin Curran, Christian Marclay, Butch Morris, Francisco Lopez, Carsten Nicolai, Phill Niblock, Thierry Thaemelitz and Zbignew Karkosky.

In 2012 he released his first solo album "Interstizio", featuring original compositions for accordion and voice. His current projects include the experimental accordion trio 300 basses, together with Alfredo Costa Monteiro and Jonas Kocher.

Hailuoto, Finland

Antye Greie-Ripatti (aka AGF)

Voice, Sound, Visuals  |  Hailuoto

Antye Greie-Ripatti is a vocalist, digital songwriter, producer, performer, e-poet, calligrapher, digital media artist and recently practicing curator and educator.

She is known for artistic exploration of digital technology through the deconstruction of language and communication. Her poetry, which she converts into electronic music, calligraphy and digital media, has been presented on records, live performances and sound installations in museums, auditoriums, theaters, concert halls and clubs in Europe, America and Asia.

Other projects include the German electronic duo Laub, The Lappetites, AGF/DELAY (with Vladislav Delay), THE DOLLS (Vladislav Delay and Craig Armstrong) and Zavoloka/AGF; collaborations with Craig Armstrong, Ellen Allien, Gudrun Gut, Eliane Radigue, Kaffe Matthews, Rupert Huber, TBA aka Natalie Beridze.

In 2004 she won an Award of Distinction at the 2004 Ars Electronica Festival. AGF was on the cover of the XLR8TR in 2004 and Cover of the Wire magazine UK 2006.