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Sponsors! Wanted!

Mobility is the door we open together to offer people around the world a wide range of individual approaches to art. In particular, we aim to connect with a young audience that is increasingly being educated by e-learning.

The net:art coordination center focuses on connecting communities that face similar challenges to realize net-based art productions - be it live, online or hybrid.

The Austrian NREN ACOnet, initiator of the net:art coordination center, is proud to be involved in these developments: as part of GÉANT (the collaboration of European National Research and Education Networks), which commands the necessary digital resources, and as a co-producer of international art productions.

We aim to raise awareness of the possibilities of high-performance data networks.

Moreover, we want to share creativity, know-how and resources in order to explore the intriguing path of net-based art production as a unity of technology and art.

As a nonprofit organization, we rely on partners who share our fascination to turn innovative concepts into inspiring events. We would like to build strategic partnerships with technology corporations, cultural institutions, or other art-loving companies that want to support our current project and/or future plans.

Certainly, such partnerships can achieve memorable results that attract national and international attention.


If you are as passionate about net-based art production as we are: Take the first step to work out a joyful cooperation - let us know!