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What unites us? Topics such as Creative Commons, open source technologies, open access to knowledge, ethics in technology - and their influence on artistic-technical processes and net-based and digital art.

Dschungel Wien - Theatre for Young Audiences

Events as part of "aaron's law"

Vienna, Austria

Dschungel Wien is a theatre for children, adolescents and young adults in the heart of Vienna. A theatre dealing with the people and the issues of our city, our times and current social developments.

It is meant to be a place where young people are stimulated to reflect on the society they live in, to express their desires, fears and visions, but also to provoke and to create their own utopias.

IMA - Institute of Media Archeology

St. Poelten, Austria

Media archeology addresses the medium with questions, conducts artistic basic research and artistically activates the medium in the here and now. The IMA Institute of Media Archeology works at the boundary between the analog and the digital and the interface between research and communication, above all in connection with acoustics, sound machines, and digital music.

Events as part of "aaron's law" - Association for the Promotion of Net Culture

Graz, Austria

  • The association operates a server farm in Graz and is connected to the global network via the Austrian National Research and Education Network ACOnet.
  • The network is a virtual, growing platform of art and culture professionals from different fields for the development and promotion of net culture.
  • The initiative is committed to the development of technology using free software (open source).
  • The team is organized as a self-administered, non-commercial operation. It forms the infrastructural basis for the work of the community at a high technical level.

Events as part of "aaron's law"

Schubert Theater - Puppet Theater

Vienna, Austria

Schubert Theater is a place of fantasy and magic. The team has dedicated itself entirely to puppet theater for adults and realizes new and old material, from classics such as "Faust" and "Jedermann" to biographies such as "F. Zawrel" or "Die Gesichter der Hedy Lamarr" to world premieres such as "Circus der Traeume".
Since 2019, the team has also been exploring the fields of digitality and new technologies in, at and for theater, opening the Virtual Puppet Theater Museum at their own Future Lab in 2021. Soon an Aaron puppet will join the magic ensemble.

Events as part of "aaron's law"

  • Future Lab 2023: Opening
    Presentation "aaron's law"  |  Future Talk  |  Vernissage Museum Spaces
    1  February 2023
  • Future Lab   |  Virtual Puppet Theater Museum  |  Digital Theatre
    to be announced