aaron's law

Aaron Swartz, 2009 (© Sage Ross)

Our ongoing project "aaron's law" is dedicated to Aaron Swartz, the American computer programmer, writer, political organizer and internet activist (8 November, 1986 - 11 January, 2013).

The spirit and legacy of Aaron Swartz (such as his fights for open access / public domain, free internet, net neutrality, human rights, creativity, smartness, ...) will be expressed by means of performing arts: performances, concerts, staged readings, digital theatre etc.

basic concept

Although we will cover internet history, we will not linger in the past. The content will address the challenges we face today - perhaps with questions like: How would Aaron deal with it? In which ways does Aaron's spirit and legacy still inspire internet activists these days?

Through storytelling, artistic gatherings and artistic expressions we will reflect the ideas and impact of the internet on our societies. But most important is the human being Aaron Swartz. We will not cheat our audiences by telling a "success story" without talking about fear, pain and hopelessness as companions of a courageous man who had been violated because of his ideas and activities - what finally killed him. Humor, happiness, smartness, sensuality will be expressed as well through compositions, improvisations, choreographies, dance performances and multimedia visual art.

This project is based on the same boost as our previous "net:art | near in the distance" productions: to explore how the implementation of brand-new technologies can encourage performing arts, and how we can transform the physical absence of artists into presence.

We are looking for strategic partners for whom art, culture and technology are united and who see such cooperations as added value for their portfolio. If you are looking for international attention, please read our sponsorship page.


The concept includes different types of multi-site productions: digital theatre, concerts, dance/sound performances, staged dialogue readings and interactive films.

Due to COVID-19 our schedule is delayed, but we are continuously working to connect people and venues around the world. We are eager to stage our multi-site performances in 2023 along with a high-quality supporting program to discuss current topics (starting date: 11 January, 2023).

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