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Technology and arts are not "parallel universes", but highly intermingled and interactive processes. Thus, we aim to establish partnerships between artists, technical experts, and institutions around the world, in order to develop a vivid environment that allows international teams to create interactive multi-site productions in real time. (Note: In a multi-site performance, not only the artists but also the technical staff are scattered around the world.)

The net:art coordination center has been established to provide opportunities for knowledge sharing and practical exchange for all people involved: network technicians, dancers, programmers, developers, musicians, composers, light designers, sound & recording engineers, choreographers, multimedia artists, directors, actors, and all the others who collaborate in the various phases of a specific project.

There are many thrilling questions to answer: How will the arts adapt to networked performance? How will audiences perceive networked performance? How will playwriting, storytelling and other artistic expressions have to change? Experts from around the world have teamed up to find the answers. 

Our cooperations are based on mutual understanding to foster transcultural communication between specialists - whether they are on stage or backstage.

net:art pioneers

Within the production series net:art | near in the distance a core team has formed that enjoys to work together and is open to sharing its knowledge. The expertise of the technicians, IT specialists and sound engineers of the mdw - University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna; our close cooperation with the development teams of LOLA and UltraGrid; the support of the network operators of the various NRENs (National Research and Education Networks): All this - and much more - was essential to fulfill the artists' dreams of real time interaction.

All people and institutions who have worked on our previous productions can be found in the respective project documentation (see "artists", "venues" and "partners").

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