net:art is an exceptionally exciting new artistic form - emerging in our digitized world, dealing with the latest technologies and the way art is perceived and received by society. The Austrian NREN ACOnet, initiator of the net:art coordination center, is proud to be involved in these developments: as part of the international federation of science networks that has the necessary digital resources, and as a co-producer of international art productions.

Unfortunately, ACOnet as a nonprofit organization can not realize events of this scale without financial support. That's why we are looking for strategic partnerships with technology corporations, cultural institutions, or other art-loving companies that want to contribute to the implementation of our current projects. We believe that such partnerships could lead to memorable results that attract international attention.

Mobility is the door we open together to offer people around the world a wide range of individual approaches to art. In particular, we aim to connect with a young audience that is increasingly being educated by e-learning.

If you share our curiosity for this sophisticated art form and are interested to support our work and projects, we should have a talk. Please contact netart-cc(at)aco.net!

The net:art coordination center is hosted by the Austrian NREN ACOnet.
Our activities in 2018 / 2019 and also this website were realized with the kind support of

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