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net:art - performing arts over advanced networks

© Gerard Spee

net:art is a new contemporary, interdisciplinary art form that poses huge demands. Connecting artists who are located on different stages around the world, enabling them to interact audiovisually within milliseconds - live, in real time - is quite a challenge. 

This website is addressed to people who love art and culture and understand that the implementation of latest technologies is a big chance to evolve performing arts in our rapidly progressing digital world. We are eager to present these innovations in order to convince technicians, developers, artists, producers, curators, directors, sound engineers, sponsors and funders likewise to join the field of performing arts over advanced networks.

© Gerard Spee

From a technical perspective, network latencies and jitter can be reduced significantly with the emergence of faster and more dependable transmission methods. High-speed networks and special low latency software technologies are available, but one has to know how to use them.

Even though we will experience (and have to accept) technical or physical limits: The state-of-the-art technologies are incredibly fascinating. Let's dance, compose, write, make music, choreograph, play and produce with them! As in any artistic production, the goal is to touch and move the audiences. Working with - and not against - the internet opens exciting challenges for creativity.

[...] Who knows what Beethoven would do with this tool! He would have probably stretched the possibilities to the max, writing a piece for 100 choires in 100 different cities! I encourage everyone to think out of the box, and to be inspired by the possibilities of the dialogue between artistic visions and technology.

– Rupert Huber | musician, composer | Vienna, Austria  [full quote]

Many new ways of artistic expressions are waiting to be explored. But there is only one way to do so and to overcome borders: together.

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