net:art coordination center

The live production series "net:art | near in the distance" generated an appetite for further collaboration. Thus, the net:art coordination center was created in order to provide opportunities for knowledge exchange and practical exchange for all project partners.

We aim to define points of contact between contemporary art content, science and technology. Accordingly, we want to become a contact point for participants and experts involved: network technicians, dancers, programmers, developers, musicians, composers, light designers, sound & recording engineers, choreographers, multimedia artists, directors, actors, and all others who collaborate in the various phases of a specific project.

© Gerard Spee
© Adolf Alcañiz
© Gerard Spee

Our goals are:

  • to generate new art projects at national and international level, to communicate such projects and to support them with know-how;
  • to realize artistic concepts with participation of international art and cultural institutions;
  • to bundle capacities for obtaining national and international fundings and sponsorships;
  • to extend the core team of specialists;
  • to form working groups in order to enable a constant flow of communication;
  • to compile expertise and to share know-how at national and international level;
  • to raise awareness for the opportunities of the implementation of state-of-the-art technologies in performing arts;
  • to implement educational cooperations and partnerships (e.g. workshops) with universities and universities for applied sciences.

University of Vienna | Universitätsring 1 | 1010 Vienna