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GARR is the Italian National Research and Education Network, providing high performance connectivity and advanced ICT services to researchers, teachers and students.

A non-profit organization founded by Universities and major research organizations in Italy, GARR manages a fully owned fibre optics network of 15.000 km, and offers advanced network services, as well as Cloud services over its own Cloud infrastructure. Currently it interconnects more than 1.000 sites including: universities, music conservatories, art academies, research centres, laboratories, astronomical observatories, libraries, museums, monuments, schools, and other research, educational and cultural facilities.

GARR engages on strong collaborations with its user community to provide support for specific projects, and design tailored solutions to meet their network and ICT requirements. In particular, the long-lasting collaboration with Tartini Music Conservatory in Trieste led to the design and implementation of LOLA, a system for the low latency transmission of high definition audio and video streams over geographical networks. Conceived in 2005, first released in 2010 and now enriched with a number of new features, LOLA is the response to the musicians' requirement of playing together from remote sites.

Tartini Music Conservatory

The "Giuseppe Tartini" Music Conservatory was founded in 1903 and is one of the 13 historical music conservatories in Italy. It offers musical education at different levels (pre-academic, Bachelor and Master) in a wide range of musical areas, from ancient music to jazz, contemporary music and live electronics: currently there are 36 Bachelor and 32 Master courses.

More than 650 students are attending the 2016/2017 Academic year courses, joined by about 20 Erasmus students, all trained by more than 100 music professors. Conservatorio Tartini is also the most advanced HME in Italy and in the world for the adoption and creation of new technologies applied to music education; it was one of the first music institutions in the world to install a very high speed and quality fibre optic connection to the academic and research networks, joining already in 2007 the Trieste optical metropolitan network Lightnet and the national network GARR, and installing a direct dedicated optical connection to the Academy of Music in the university of Ljubljana (an installation which is still unique in the world and offers unprecedented opportunities for experimentation of new technologies).


  • Claudio Allocchio | Senior Technical Officer and Head of Multimedia Support | GARR
  • Edoardo Angelucci | System Administrator and Multimedia Engineer | GARR
  • Stefano Bonetti | Professor of Multimedia and Head LOLA Software Developer | Tartini
  • Pasquale Mandato |  System Administrator | GARR
  • Bruno Nati | Web and Multimedia Engineer | GARR
  • Marco Paniccia |  Web and Multimedia Engineer | GARR
  • Cristiano Valli | Head of System Support Team | GARR
  • GARR NOC team

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