review - near in the distance 3

1 June, 2017
7:00 pm CEST – short cut | 30 minutes | for TNC17 participants only
8:30 pm CEST – full version | 80 minutes | for general public

main venue:
Brucknerhaus Linz | Mittlerer Saal
Untere Donaulaende 7, 4020 Linz, Austria

net:art | near in the distance 3 was a production of the Austrian NREN ACOnet in cooperation with the mdw - University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, international science networks, and art and cultural institutions (see partners).

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– read the article "Make your own kind of music with R&E networks"

© Peter Schober
© Peter Schober
© Romana Cravos
© Romana Cravos

All photos were taken @ net:art | near in the distance 3 (Linz, June 2017).

"Performing arts over advanced networks" is the generally accepted definition of net:art - a form of presenting performing arts that has the potential of becoming an art form in its own right. A fully-fledged international community has sprung up that devotes itself to this matter. One of the main tools for net:art are high capacity data networks as are provided by national and international scientific networks. Of equal importance are specific technologies to transfer data in real time.

In this context, digitalization does not spell reduction, but greatest-possible broadening of possibilities offered to the production team by modern technology. This is not about "more, faster, stronger", but about "closer".

"net:art | near in the distance 3" was performed at the Brucknerhaus Linz twice on June 1st, 2017; once in a 30 minutes short version for the participants of TNC17, the preeminent European science networking conference, followed by a 80-minute performance for the general public. All in all, more than 400 people attended these shows.

  • Both performances were streamed live (with about 350 visitors from 26 countries) and are available as videos. We are grateful to the mdw - University of Music und Performing Arts Vienna for editing them!
  • Our project partner Kòniclab from Barcelona has also published a highly interesting making-of video.
  • The photo gallery offers insights into the various locations in Linz, Barcelona, Prague, and Rome.
  • Details of all participating artists, technicians and cooperating partners provide a complete overview of the production.

Similarly to the net:art production in 2015, multiple locations all over Europe were successfully interlinked for "net:art | near in the distance 3" via high-performance data networks. This time, however, two different low latency transfer technologies were applied in the same performance.

It is one of our main intentions to involve artists in places that command only comparatively low bandwidths. This time, we attempted to connect two artists via conventional technologies. The connection to the percussionist Prathamesh Kandalkar from Mumbai failed shortly before the performance; however the acoustic transmissions from Antye Greie-Ripatti in Hailuoto, Finland worked as planned.

Any production of this size requires a lot of preparation. Locations with appropriate network connectivity must be found; cooperation partners want to be wooed, teams need to be formed. No doubt this remains a challenge, but one that will diminish as this art form gains acceptance in the future.

In the medium run, we endeavor to make all cooperating locations stages where the audiences can be involved.

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