barcelona, spain - remote place

location - Capella MACBA | Gothic Chapel

MACBA is a public institution, open to the public and with educational vocation, which works to promote art and contemporary cultural practices both nationally and internationally, to provide a multiplicity of visions and to generate critical debates about the world around us.

network partner - CSUC

Consorci de Serveis Universitaris de Catalunya (CSUC) supports cooperation and resource sharing to make the university and research system more efficient. The consortium is integrated by Generalitat de Catalunya (Catalan Government) and ten Catalan universities. CSUC manages the Catalan research and education network, Anella Científica, which connects up to 85 institutions. It offers high-speed connections with native IPv4 and IPv6, dedicated circuits and advanced services.


  • Adolf Alcañiz | Photographer, Video Operator
  • Carlos Andrés | Sound Technician | Moonlight Iluminación
  • Francisco Banderas | Communications Expert | CSUC
  • Ana Candela | Coordination Assistant
  • Gerard Castillo | Project Engineer | i2CAT
  • Xavier Ferrer | Scenographic Textiles | Teatrerya
  • Maria Isabel Gandía Carriedo | Communications Manager | CSUC
  • Toni Lucea | Systems Manager | MACBA
  • Just Martínez | Light Designer & Managing Director | Moonlight Iluminación
  • Yolanda Nicolás | Public Programs Coordinator | MACBA
  • Jordi Pareto | Photographer
  • Roger Trigo | Light Technician | Moonlight Iluminación
  • Teresa Via | Marketing Coordinator | CSUC

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