vienna, austria

Please note that negotiations with venues, artists and partners are ongoing. Once details are set, we will post them here.

location (tbc)

ORF Radiokulturhaus or Museumsquartier Wien

artists (tbc)

Musicians, visual artists

network partner - ACOnet

ACOnet is the Austrian National Research and Education Network (NREN) and is operated by the University of Vienna. ACOnet offers its members advanced high-performance network access to the pan-European Research and Education Community (GÉANT) and the public Internet. ACOnet is a resilient fibre optic backbone network infrastructure, connecting more than 200 Austrian organisations such as universities, research facilities, universities of applied sciences, libraries, museums, medical institutions, ministries and local authorities.

in cooperation with: mdw

The mdw - University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna is among the world's largest and most renowned universities specialised in the performing arts of music, theatre and film.

As an international leader for studies in music and other performing arts along with related academic disciplines since 1817, the university currently provides training to close to 3,000 students from over 70 countries in 115 degree programmes and 41 supplementary programmes.

additional intentions

ACOnet – in collaboration with many partners – has already accomplished three very successful productions in the field of performing arts over advanced networks that have gained international recognition.

While our colleagues of the Italian and the Czech NRENs are responsible for the development of the required low latency technologies (LOLA and UltraGrid), ACOnet draws on the resources of the Austrian art and culture scene to contribute to this intriguing topic.

The idea of jointly realizing a project about Komitas Vardapet was born during the international Network Performing Arts Production Workshop in April 2019 in Prague.

With Alexander de Goederen, we have a profound expert on the life and work of Komitas Vardapet at our side.

In addition to the Armenian Apostolic Church, Vienna is also home of the Armenian Catholic Church, which is closely associated with the Mekhitarist congregation. Members of the Armenian Apostolic Church have been living in Austria since the 17th century. Today there are about 7000 Armenians in the country.

University of Vienna | Universitätsring 1 | 1010 Vienna