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last change: October 09, 2019

the multi-site concert

The repertoire of Komitas Vardapet as a composer and arranger offers great opportunities to present a diverse program of art songs, folk songs, liturgies, polyphonic choral singing and church music.

The transmission of signals (mostly uncompressed) between different places in order to create multi-site performances in real time is one thing. Beyond that, there must be an added value for the artistic content.

If we cannot avoid transmission latencies, we have to integrate them – this applies not only to musical expression but also to all other forms of performing art. The state-of-the-art technologies are incredibly fascinating. Working with (and not against) the internet opens exciting challenges for creativity and new approaches to the interpretation of artistic themes.

Our NREN colleagues from Italy (GARR) and the Czech Republic (CESNET) will join us to develop a truly multimedia audio-visual concept.

  • We will bring international musicians together in order to honour Komitas Vardapet and to celebrate his spirit, his soul and his courage.
  • We will learn from his music and once more surprise our audience with the experience of the artistic and technical challenges of live music events in real time at distributed locations.

If financially feasible, we will produce a livestream to reach as many audiences as possible around the globe.

We are looking for strategic partners for whom art, culture and technology are united and who see such cooperations as added value for their portfolio. If you are looking for international attention, please read our sponsorship page.

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