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last change: April 30, 2020

what you need

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There is no quick solution for realizing a multi-site performance. The pre-production is quite tricky but amazing. Every artistic concept requires individual technical specifications. Therefore we cannot offer a recipe, but we are happy to share the experiences we have gained in our performance series. In case of any questions please don't hesitate to contact us!

good to know

  • Most important: The artistic and technical components of a multi-site performance must go hand in hand from the start.
  • In a production where teams are scattered all over the world the fluent adaptation of concepts is a constant companion.


  • high-speed networks
    These are provided by National Research and Education Networks (NRENs, i.e. ACOnet) and their umbrella organizations (i.e. GÉANT, Internet 2). Note that a 10 Gbps connection is required for the main venue of a multi-site performance.
  • low latency technologies
    You'll need specialized software and hardware such as those listed at technologies. In order to involve artists in places that command only comparatively low bandwidths, conventional live streaming technologies can quite easily be integrated into this framework.
  • a committed team of artists and technicians
    All team members who worked together to stage our previous productions are listed along with their particular expertise in the  project documentations (see "artists", "venues" and "partners").

– to learn more about European NRENs, take a look at GÉANT's list of members and resources library

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