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The possibility of connecting artists at different locations for a joint performance can be used for performing and fine arts and various forms of music. ACOnet's net:art productions are consciously and always looking for a connection between electronic and acoustic sound and contemporary dance.

© Romana Cravos

How far is near?

Our net:art productions are committed to the tradition of media art and transmedial/digital art. So what's so new now in terms of artistic expressions?

What's new is the realization of an old dream: to interact live, regardless of where you are. The playground has expanded.

The "avant-gardists" are the National Research and Science Networks (NRENs), who have developed the digital high-performance infrastructure and low latency technologies that enable this kind of artistic design - and thus new aesthetic approaches to interdisciplinary art and transformation processes - regardless of whether the source of the signal is digital or analog.

Artists have to deal with audiovisual transmission latencies between 13 and 30 milliseconds (roundtrip). Whether the priority of the transmission quality is the sound or the image; whether, where and when the data is processed; whether the data is transmitted compressed or uncompressed; however the different codecs correspond – in any case we work with the internet and not against it. Even if many things happen invisibly behind the scenes, the goal is always to touch and convince the audience. It is not about faster, higher, ... - it is about nearer, and about exploring sounds and visuals that allow artists to be as close and interactive as possible.

These goals we want to achieve as well with the new production series "aaron's law".

All the artists who have participated in our previous productions can be found in the respective project documentation (see "artists").

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